La Conner

Beautifully positioned along the Swinomish Channel the small waterfront village known as La Conner is a bit of a hidden gem tucked quietly into Skagit County. With historic roots establishing it as the first community in Skagit County, this old fishing town has now blossomed into an artistic haven.

You can spend the day touring this waterfront town enjoying everything from antique shops, interesting boutiques, art galleries, and then concluding your day by grabbing dinner on the water! With no shortages of places to see, La Conner is home to four museums including the La Conner Quilt Museum, the Skagit County Historical Museum and the Museum of Northwest Art featuring many works done by local Northwest and Skagit Valley based artists. Be sure not to miss the La Conner Sculpture walk that begins at the Chamber of Commerce on Morris St. as you are strolling around.

Playing host to several festivals throughout the year; the La Conner Summer Street Festival, Art’s Alive Festival, and the Annual Smelt Derby Festival truly make La Conner a place for all to enjoy. The waterfront channel remains a central focal point of the town as events centered on the water include an Opening Day Boat Parade and a Lighted Christmas Parade.

One of the biggest draws to the area of La Conner occurs during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, which is held annually for the entire month of April. Drawing thousands of visitors from all over the world this amazingly beautiful tulip fields are truly an amazing sight to see (Tulip Field Map).

Even as the waterfront haven of La Conner has prospered from its humble beginnings, it has grown gracefully and respectfully as to maintain and preserve its wonderful charm and Victorian roots. What some locals refer to as the “Sausalito of the Northwest” you will truly find that this small town of La Conner is genuinely one of a kind.

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